Bleaching Earth and Clay
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Bleaching Earth and Clay

Bleaching Earth :- Technically use of this earth is as follows :- Crude Palm Oil normally is having around 30 - 50 PPM phosphorus. After the oil is acid conditioned with phosphoric Acid 95 % at suitable temperature (60-80 C) and water hydrated, as required is centrifuged, its phosphates are lowered and is subsequently bleached. It is highly recommended to further condition the degummed oil with citric acid as 20 % solution (100 gms - 500 gms per ton) and subsequently bleached with 0.8 - 3.0 %. Clean HI, Activated bleaching earth at around 100 C and at 35 --45 tore vacuum for 30 minutes at filtered. The bleached oil is thus now ready for physical deacidification cum deodorization preferable at 270 C temperature with minimum 30 - 90 minutes residence stripping time with 0.5 - 1.5 % sparse stream. The resultant final product oil is of desired quality. The dosage of earth may be lowered even below 0.8 %, if the deodorization temperature is easily maintained around 270 C, with higher degree of earth, it will positively contribute for lighter color fully acid distillates and lowest possible RBD Palm oil Color. Clean HI, is manufactured with utmost care and research of development has contributed is to maintain its consistent quality, lower oil retention, fast filtration, press bleach effects etc. Bleaching Clay :- Our international standard bleaching earth is equivalent to imported Tonsil. It is being used in most of the prestigious edible oil refining units. Besides it is exported regularly to South African Countries. Our bleaching earth have been tried on Crude Palm Oil (CPO). It gives excellent results. Our bleach is activated washed clay and has consistent performance. Our plant is fully automatic and handled by quality conscious and experienced staff. We have special clean HI, which is using for cotton and rape seed as bleaching earth. Clean HI and Bleach having very high potentials market in national and international market for all crude Palm Oil, Cotton and rape seed refining units.


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