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Sulphanated Asphalt

Sulphanated Asphalt is a modified sodium sulphonated asphaltic compound that is used as a shale stabilizer, fluid loss reducer, and lubricant in water-based drilling fluids. It forms a protective layer on the shale surfaces and prevents their dispersion and swelling.



General and rheological Specification
Moisture ≤ 10.0 %
Soluble matter in distilled water
≥ 65.0 %
Soluble matter in dimethyl sulfoxide
≥ 30.0 %
pH (2% solution)
8.5 - 9.5
Lubricity coefficient
≤ 0.30
Apparent viscosity
Not more than 35% of the base mud
Yield point
Not more than 15% of the base mud
API filtrate volume
No settling of black precipitate
Standard Packing
Suitable for