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Drilling Detergent

Drilling detergent is an aqueous blend of surface-active agents that reduces the surface tension of water-based drilling fluids and reduces the sticking tendency of water-sensitive shale cuttings.
It is used primarily in upper-hole drilling to minimize bit and BHA balling, reduce torque and drag, and improve water-wetting action on solids. It can also be used as an emulsifier for oil-contaminated fluids.



General and rheological Specification
Physical state Soapy homogenous liquid at 24±2°C, free from visible impurities, and miscible with water
Density at 24±2°C
1.00 - 1.10 g/mL
Surface tension
≤ 35.0 dynes/cm
pH of 1% (v/v)
7.5 - 10.5
Emulsion stability test
No immediate separation of HSD oil
Potassium content
≤ 0.30
Foaming tendency test
Increase in volume not more than 5%
Standard Packing
Suitable for